Coverage Driven Verification using Foretify & Metamoto’s Simulation as a Service platform

This video offers a glimpse into Coverage Driven Verification using Foretellix’s Foretify platform and Metamoto’s Simulation as a Service platform.

The video demonstrates the overall closed-loop verification methodology used, the porting of a verification plan between different ODDs, as well as  the measuring using functional scenario coverage:

The clip includes:

  • The creation of the verification plan, the specification of an abstract driving scenario, required performance indicators & coverage metrics using open M-SDL – Measurable scenario description language
  • The automatic generation of thousands of meaningful scenarios that comply with the specification of the abstract scenario including unknowns/edge cases
  • Finding different locations on the map that comply with the abstract scenario definition (allows ease in portability between ODDs) by using advanced technologies like constraint solver/generator with automatic search within the ODD 
  • Driving scenario executions using Metamoto’s Simulation as a Service platform
  • Performance and coverage based analysis to know where you are in the verification process, what have you tested and verified,  what you need to do in the next iteration and when you are done

The device under test is Autoware.

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