New Foretify™ Release Delivers a 10X Efficiency Boost in the Verification and Validation of ADS

Ensuring the safety of Autonomous Vehicles (AVs) requires testing millions of scenarios using virtual simulation to cover the nearly infinite number of scenarios that AVs might encounter. The goal is to ensure thorough ODD coverage and uncover edge cases that could be a significant safety risk. Doing this efficiently and economically is a considerable challenge for the AV industry. 

Maintaining our leadership in safety-driven V&V technology, we are thrilled to announce the Foretify 2024 release featuring Foretellix’s newest constrained-random test generation technology. The new test generator represents the culmination of tens of man-years of research and development, leveraging technology proven over decades of verification and validation of highly complex systems. The new Foretify release delivers 10X performance improvement compared to the previous generation. It is the automotive industry’s most efficient test generation, execution, and management solution.

Foretify utilizes the latest ASAM OpenSCENARIO® 2.0 (DSL) scenario description language to deliver best-in-class V&V automation at scale. Foretify dramatically reduces the tedious, manual effort of creating tests by automating the generation of an unlimited number of concrete, meaningful, and valid test scenarios to cover the ODD optimally. It also stresses edge cases and exposes unknowns to identify safety and performance issues. It has driving domain semantic awareness, which enables it to choose parameter values consistent with each other, all system constraints, and the laws of physics. 

Early customers using the new Foretify release have reported over 10X improvement in the test generation and execution time of complex scenarios. This translates to higher efficiency, more productivity, shorter time to market, faster ODD expansion, and cost savings in developing and validating advanced ADAS and AVs.

Figure 1 shows a high-level diagram of the Foretify Test Generator. The Test Generator receives an OpenScenario® 2.0 (DSL) scenario and an OpenDRIVE® map as inputs. The Planner automatically chooses a location on the map where the scenario can be executed as intended, and it calculates initial waypoints for each of the scenario actors while considering all global and scenario constraints. Changing the test seed automatically creates a new scenario variant at a different map location with random scenario parameters within the given constraints. The Driver executes the test by controlling the simulator and the AV stack at runtime. It uses advanced behavioral models to dynamically control and adjust each actors actions during simulation execution to achieve the scenario intent. The Completion Checker checks that the scenario intent captured in the OpenSCENARIO 2.0 code is achieved and automatically flags incomplete scenarios. 

Figure 1 – The Foretify Test Generator

Foretify is the leading Safety-Driven V&V platform. The platform is used by engineers at OEMs, Tier-1 suppliers, and AV stack providers to accelerate the development and deployment of safe Automated Driving Systems and ADAS.  

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