Introducing Foretify LogIQ™ – Industry First Scenario-Based Drive Log Analysis

A unified Verification & Validation flow bridging real-world driving data with simulation

Data collection in real-world driving is expensive but nevertheless critical for validating the quality and safety of Automated Driving Systems (ADS) and ADAS. We are happy to announce today, as part of Foretellix’s Safety-Driven Verification and Validation (SDV) vision, the release of Foretify LogIQ – a powerful tool for maximizing the utilization of drive log data.  

LogIQ identifies scenarios of interest and breaks them down to their sequential building blocks, detects edge cases and anomalies, extracts KPIs and coverage, and provides a powerful log visualization tool. The Foretify platform with LogIQ provides a unified Verification and Validation (V&V) flow that combines real-world test drives and virtual simulation in one platform. 

Scenario-based drive log analysis 

LogIQ performs a deep analysis of log data to identify scenarios of interest using a comprehensive library of standard scenario definitions provided by Foretellix or using custom scenarios provided by the user. It extracts parameters, calculates KPIs and checks, and collects coverage information in a scenario-specific context. These unique capabilities enable multiple use cases:  

  • Recreate concrete and abstract real-world scenarios in simulation for improved debugging and faster turn-around time for bug fixes.
  • Simulate many variations of concrete scenarios from drive logs using the Foretify constrained-random test generator.
  • Analyze coverage, KPIs, and pass/fail checks of real-world driving logs at scale using Foretify Manager and correlate them to simulation results. 
  • Use extracted real-world driving parameters value and distribution to calibrate and optimize simulation testing. 

Anomaly Detection 

In addition to the scenario context-aware analysis capabilities, LogIQ also includes a powerful AI-based anomaly detection engine that can identify anomalies not associated with specific scenarios. This capability can help development teams to detect and debug rare, unexpected behavior of objects, actors, and the System Under Test (SUT) and identify missing KPIs and checks for future testing. 

Log Visualizer  

LogIQ includes a powerful log visualizer that enables engineers to quickly identify, review and debug sequential scenarios and anomalous events in drive logs. It breaks down complex scenarios to their building blocks using a hierarchical representation and displays pass/fail checks and customizable KPI waveforms to help pinpoint the exact conditions of a problem. 

An integral part of the Foretify Platform 

LogIQ is seamlessly integrated with the Foretify Safety-Driven V&V (SDV) Platform to deliver a comprehensive V&V flow that combines real-world test drives and virtual simulation in one platform, using common tools and following Foretellix’s proven SDV methodology. 

Example use case: 

Figure 1 shows a 5-minute drive log analyzed by Foretify LogIQ. It identified two cut-in scenarios, one cut-out scenario, and one anomaly. LogIQ extracted all actors’ speed and Time-To-Collision (TTC) as KPIs and calculated a minimum TTC check for all scenarios. In one of the cut-in scenarios, a minimum TTC check was flagged by LogIQ as failed. In addition, a missing lane-mark anomaly was detected, and the speed of all actors around this event was extracted and presented. 

Figure 1 – LogIQ drive log analysis example











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About Foretellix

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