Torc Robotics, a Daimler Truck Subsidiary, Forms a Strategic Collaboration with Foretellix

Torc Robotics is working with Foretellix, the leader in autonomous vehicles verification & validation, to enable the safe deployment of autonomous trucks

Tel Aviv, Israel – January 3rd, 2023 – Torc Robotics, an independent subsidiary of Daimler Truck AG, announced a multi-year strategic collaboration with Foretellix, the leading provider of safety-driven verification and validation (V&V) solutions for automated driving systems (ADS). The collaboration delivers to Torc the best-in-class virtual verification & validation solution, capable of testing the millions of driving scenarios required to ensure the safe deployment of Level-4 autonomous trucks.

Torc Robotics is leading Daimler Truck’s effort to develop and commercialize Level-4 autonomous trucking solutions. Its commitment to quality and safety has led to its collaboration with Foretellix.

At the center of the joint solution is Foretellix’s Safety Driven V&V platform that allows development, V&V, and safety teams to specify scenarios easily, generates massive scale testing, and analyzes the results. For more info on Foretellix’s Safety Driven V&V platform and methodology, please read this link.

“Our technology is designed with safety as the first priority,” said Axel Gern, Torc SVP of engineering and managing director of Torc EU. “Our collaboration with Foretellix is in line with Torc’s safety mission. It provides Torc with V&V tools to add to our current toolset, based on industry standards, to conduct the massive scale testing and validation we need to ensure the safety of our systems”.

“We are very proud to partner with Torc Robotics,” says Ziv Binyamini, CEO and co-founder of Foretellix. “In the past two years, our teams have been working together, sharing knowledge and expertise to create the best-in-class solution to support Torc Robotics’ goals. We look forward to continuing our joint mission to deploy safe Level-4 autonomous trucking at scale”.

The Foretellix V&V platform, Foretify™, uses the ASAM OpenSCENARIO® 2.0 standard to describe the infinite possible driving scenarios and define verification and validation goals. Using Foretellix’s L4 highway trucking V-Suites – a V&V package of scenarios, test plans, maps, and KPIs, Torc’s development teams can rapidly start their testing program. Foretify uses these scenarios to generate a multitude of test scenarios in virtual simulation optimized to represent real-world conditions and uncover unknown edge cases. Foretify continuously measures and analyzes test results and validation completeness and helps development teams uncover bugs earlier in the development cycle. Foretify dramatically reduces development costs, boosts development teams’ productivity, and improves time to market while ensuring safety.

About Foretellix

Foretellix is the leading provider of verification and validation solutions for ADAS and Automated Driving Systems. Foretellix’s Foretify™️ platform helps automotive, trucking and mining customers to ensure safety, reduce development costs, and accelerate time-to-market. Foretellix is headquartered in Israel, with offices in the US, Europe, and Asia. For more information, visit

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