New ADAS Verification Solution Addresses Major Deficiencies in Level 2 and 3 Semi Autonomous and Level 4 Autonomous Vehicle Testing

Foretellix’s ADAS and Highway Solution has been developed with input from carmakers, suppliers, and regulators

  • Turnkey solution includes an out-of-the-box verification plan and a library of scenarios that automatically generates hundreds of thousands of meaningful tests and edge cases
  • Includes extensive big data analytics tools
  • Solution applicable for current-generation Level 2 ADAS technologies through Level 5 autonomous vehicles, helping ensure their safe deployment

Tel Aviv, Israel – September 1st, 2020 – Foretellix, an Israel-based start-up with a mission to enable measurable safety of automated driving systems, today released a new solution that offers the capability to verify the safety of ADAS functions at an unprecedented scale. This first-of-its-kind solution provides a turnkey verification solution that requires minimal integration with existing testing infrastructure. An out-of-the-box verification plan and a library of scenarios that automatically creates hundreds of thousands of meaningful tests and edge cases. The result is that testing can, more comprehensively and meaningfully, cover the vast depth and breadth of scenario variation to determine that an ADAS system is safe.

The company’s ADAS and Highway Solution is the first of a family of verification packages that harness its Foretify coverage-driven verification platform. The new solution addresses the unique challenges of different ADAS and autonomous vehicle functions, from Level 2 driver-assist technologies, through Level 3 semi-autonomous systems, and on to Level 4 highway-focused fully autonomous systems. This allows for the verification of various ADAS functions, including automatic emergency breaking (AEB), automated lane keeping systems (ALKS), and others that are becoming commonly available in new models of cars and trucks.

The ADAS and Highway Solution was developed with the benefit of customer input, data from past accidents, technology limitations, upcoming regulations, safety standards, and disengagement reports. As such, it delivers the industry’s most effective solution for exposing bugs and verifying the quality and reliability of ADAS and AV systems.

“The growing complexity of ADAS and AV systems is presenting a new verification challenge to the automotive industry,” said Ziv Binyamini, CEO and co-founder of Foretellix. “We are passionate about verification and have the right solution and methodology to meet with this challenge and ensure the safety of these advanced automated driving systems.”

The need for better verification is highlighted by ongoing OEM recalls and a recent report from the American Automobile Association (AAA) recommends limiting the use of Level 2 partially automated driving systems due to its research discovering major flaws in the technologies installed in current generation vehicles from global car makers.

The novel Foretellix ADAS and Highway Solution is already in use with some customers, including leading OEMs, Tier 1 technology developers and regulators.

About Foretellix

Foretellix’s mission is to enable ‘measurable safety’ of autonomous vehicles, enabled by a transition from ‘quantity of miles’ to ‘quality of coverage’.

Foretellix was founded by a team of pioneers in measurable verification and validation, with a highly automated and proven coverage driven methodology broadly adopted in the semiconductor industry. They have adapted and tailored their approach for the safety verification and validation of autonomous vehicles.

Foretellix’s Foretify™ Technology includes an open, high-level Measurable Scenario Description Language (M-SDL), intelligent and scalable automation, analytics and metrics. This includes the functional coverage metrics required to make a compelling ‘safety case’ to consumers, developers, insurance companies and regulators. To learn more, visit

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