Benny Schnaider

Benny Schnaider is a high-tech serial entrepreneur. Benny co-founded Ravello Systems and served as its President and Chairman. The company has developed an over-the-top cloud services. Since Ravello acquisition by Oracle in 2016, Benny serves as VP SW development for Oracle-Ravello. Previously, Benny co-founded and was the CEO Qumranet (KVM), acquired by Red Hat in 2008. Co-founded P-Cube, acquired by Cisco in 2004. Benny was the CEO and Founder of PentaCom Ltd., acquired by Cisco in 2000. Benny invests and serves as a board member in several startups like: Traffix Systems (acquired by F5 in 2012) and B-Hive (acquired by VMware in 2008), ScyllaDB, Otonomo, Colabo, CathWorks.